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How to apply for a job successfully

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Applying for a job may look easier than it actually is. We have all been there, you work so hard to create a perfect CV or cover letter and then you apply…. And the waiting starts.

Sometimes employers don’t even get back to you and you feel like you’ve wasted precious time.

If this is your case, or maybe this is the first time ever applying for a job and you’re just a bit lost, keep reading!

The ingredients for a successful job applications are simple:

  1. Be Humble

  2. Be Prepared

  3. Be The One


The number one reason why you might be rejected from a job application is that (to the eye of the employer) you are not the right person for the task.

This can be caused by a few reasons: either you don’t have enough experience in the field, not the right qualification or - to their eyes - you are just not a good fit for their company.

So how do we fix that?

First of all, select jobs that are in line with your level of expertise and knowledge. If you read through the job requirements and you see that you don’t have most of them, chances are that most likely you won’t be selected.

So be realistic and apply for jobs that match your profile. However, don’t think that you need to have exactly all of the qualities that the company is looking for, it is perfectly normal to miss a few things, just as long as you can make up for them with a show of motivation and enthusiasm.

Most recruiters nowadays don’t focus so much on the skills written on “paper”, but more on your soft skills. Soft skills are those qualities that cannot be measured by achievements or numbers, they are talents such as “empathy” or “motivation” or “problem solving skills” which makes you a great - ever greater - candidate compared to people with more awards but no soft skills.

In order to SHOW the employer that you possess said soft skills, insert these keywords in your resume and explain how you developed those skills in your cover letter.

I advise you to read this article on how to master your CV for more detailed information: How to Create the Perfect resume.


Number two reason why candidates are rejected it’s because of a lack of knowledge about the company they are sending their application to.

This can be seen both in the early stage of the recruitment - from their cover letter - and during the interview.

How to fix your cover letter to show your interest for the company?

  1. Don’t just talk about yourself - instead try to link how your qualities and accomplishments could be a great asset for the company.

  2. Explain your interest in working for the company and describe how your values match their work ethic.

Needless to say, you need to do some research before you apply. Just visit the company’s website and check out pages like “about us” or “our values” or “our story”, see what projects they are working on and what is their company’s culture or core values and finally make them understand why you are a great fit for them.

The same concept goes when it comes to making a great impression during the interview: just imagine the frustration of the employer if they realize that you know nothing about them. You need to make them feel special. Show them that you’ve spent hours researching everything they do and you admire them!

At the end of the interview ASK QUESTIONS!!! It doesn’t matter if you actually don’t really care about the answer...it looks great to the eye of the employer if a candidate asks questions about the way they operate etc…

The questions you ask should be curiosities about the company itself or about your future tasks etc… Be careful of asking information about salary or vacation days (especially on a first interview).

If you are not sure what questions to ask during an interview - check out my blog for upcoming content.


By being "the one" I mean that you need show the recruiter why you are the best person for the job and why you would make a difference.

A mistake that most people make while writing an application letter or during the interview, is that they can just talk about themselves and their achievements, without drawing any conclusions from them.

But when the interview asks them “Why should we hire you?” they are either speechless or they cannot provide a concrete answer.

Prepare yourself for this question and answer it on your cover letter and during the chat with the employer, even if they don’t ask you.

Just try to think: What can I bring to the company? What are my best qualities and how can they make a difference at work?

If you really cannot think of anything, just try to remember your last work experience: was there something you were especially proud of? Or did your coworkers ask for your help for a specific task? Maybe you were a very fast learner, or you brought a positive energy to the workplace etc...

In conclusion, it doesn’t have to be a crazy quality, as long as it shows that you are motivated and have a clear vision about your positive impact that you can bring to their company.

If you need any assistance you can send me your question or your CV at vebproduct@gmail.com and I will be happy to point out your mistakes and provide you with solutions FOR FREE!

Good Luck!

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