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How to Create a Video Resume in 6 Simple Steps

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Applying for a job can be a complicated task.

As any activity in the 21st century, job hunting has evolved throughout the years, and has now become more and more competitive.

Just having a CV is not gonna cut it anymore.

According to statistics made in 2020, on average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. Of those candidates, 4 to 6 will get called for an interview, and only one will get the job.

So how can you stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of the recruiter in 2020?

Well, it is not easy, but you can do a few things to get a head start.

To be one of the TOP candidates for a job you should:

  1. Have an updated cv with the right keywords

  2. Create a cover letter tailored to the job description

  3. Have the right references

  4. Create a Video Resume (if applicable)

Some companies today require you to have a Video Resume: it’s a short video showcasing your qualities and achievements.

Even if having a video resume is not mandatory, it's always good to have one handy, and it can easily improve your chances of being selected for the job.

In today’s article I will show you how to create a video resume that will capture the recruiter’s attention!

#1. How do you make a video resume in practice?

Creating a video resume is more complicated than just writing your CV or cover letter.

Unless you are a professional video maker or have experience in the field, it can be challenging.

Fortunately it’s 2020 and there are some awesome apps out there that can help us - even the most IT dummies like me - to create great videos!

Anyways don’t worry too much about creating an astonishing video, because the recruiter will not judge it for your editing skills - unless you are applying for a job as video editor - but for what it communicates.

Here are some great apps that can help you:

If you have an Apple device, iMovie is great because it’s free to use, and already installed on your macbook or iPhone.

It’s not the most user friendly application though, and it does require some basic video editing skills.

Promo is my favorite online video maker tool. It’s super easy to use and there are tons of templates ready to edit for any video needs.

It’s great if you have 0 editing experience and the results can be amazing, however you need to pay if you wanna download the videos without their watermark.

Their cheapest option is around 39 eur per month, which is quite pricey. If you don’t wanna pay this amount of money, you can always use it for free and download the video with their watermark on, which is not too bad, especially if you only create videos for personal use.

The above video makers are all very similar to Promo, they are very easy to use and have a great variety of templates to choose from. Similarly, they all ask you to choose a pricing plan if you wish to download your video without their watermark on.

Now that you’ve chosen your preferred video making tool, it’s time to get started, which brings us to step n.2.

#2. Create content for your video

You have to decide how to structure your video resume and what to talk about.

There are no specific rules on how to create your video resume, and you can be really creative about it.

A great video resume should include the following points:

  1. A WOW factor

  2. Creativity and Humor

  3. Answering the question: why should you hire me?

  4. Short and to the point

Below I have chosen a few examples that incorporate the important points of a great video resume and can give you some ideas on how to create yours.

The WOW factor video resume

After watching this video, you would definitely hire him right? I would too.

This video is great for many reasons. First of all, it’s funny and entertaining to watch: he catches the recruiter's attention straight away with the use of humor.

Then he goes on to talk about his past experiences in brief: he did an amazing job in summarizing his former work experiences in less than a minute by just focusing on his greatest achievements. Listening to his accomplishments creates the “WOW” factor.

What is also great about this video resume is that he doesn’t just focus on his past experiences, but he talks about his interests and hobbies, which gives the recruiter the idea that he’s not just a good candidate, but also an interesting person.

The conclusion is where he answers the question: why choose me from 7 billion people? Here - as if the video wasn’t enough - he gives the recruiter a specific reason why he is THE ONLY person fit for the job.

This is a perfect example because it contains all the necessary elements for a great video resume:

  • Creativity and Humor

  • WOW factor

  • Answering the question: why should you hire me

  • Short and to the point

Creativity and Humor

This is a good example on how you can be creative in your video resume with little editing skills. By using the trick of a fake job interview, Alex creates an interesting way of communicating her achievements and education to the recruiter.

She also concludes by answering the question “why should you hire me”, and adds a final and subtle touch of humor to convince the recruiter.

Answer the question, why should you hire me?

This video resume is simple and professional. It is great because she starts by giving the recruiter a reason why she is the person for the job.

She doesn’t just talk about herself and her achievements, but she tries to put herself in the shoes of the hiring manager and figure out what they are looking for in the perfect candidate.

Once she has caught the recruiter’s attention with a selfless statement, she goes on by explaining which education and work experiences have made her the perfect applicant for the position.

Short and to the point

You can easily create a video resume like this one without any editing skills, and it is great to communicate who you are to the employer.

It is short and to the point - only lasts 42 seconds - and she is able to summarize her life experience and hobbies while being professional and without sounding boring.

#3. Avoid long lists of your past experience: this is not your CV

The biggest mistakes candidates make when it comes to creating a video resume, is to list their whole working experience in a video format.

Keep this in mind: the video resume needs to be different from your CV.

It has to communicate new and interesting information about you, which can influence the decision of the hiring manager.

Of course, you have to mention a few information regarding your career path, but try to always keep it short and to the point.

When you talk about your past jobs - mention only your greatest achievements or explain why these experiences helped you become the perfect applicant for the position.

In summary, the video resume should not replace your Curriculum Vitae. Most job applications will require you to submit a CV together with the video resume, so there is no need to repeat the same information twice.

So try to convey the most important information about your former career path in a very short time, and don’t forget to talk about your passions and hobbies and answer the question”why hire me?”.

This being said, you should find your balance in terms of how long you focus on one subject or another.

It is good to talk about your hobbies, but don’t overdo it and more importantly don’t share any personal information which is not appropriate or not relatable to the job (ex: your love life).

#4. Keep it short

The ideal length for your video resume should be between 1 and 2 minutes.

Try not to chatter for too long and prefer animations or images rather than long talks.

You should be able to communicate all the essential information about you in less than 2 minutes, any longer than this and your viewer could get bored and hit the pause button.

Keep in mind that recruiters are busy people, they probably will have another 100 videos to watch, so keeping it quick will make your video stand out.

According to a study, the sweet spot for a video length is 90 seconds.

#5. Be Creative

If you are a creative person, a video resume is the ideal tool to show your quality to the employer.

So have fun with it!

Ok… not too much fun, keep it professional…

What I am trying to say is that just creating a video is not enough to stand out to the employer.

The video has to catch the recruiter’s attention one way or another.

Always prefer using visuals and animations to illustrate what you are saying in the script, while showcasing your talents and skills.

A good way to do that is by personalizing the video to the single job description.

For example if you are applying for a job as a Marketing Content Creator, you could film a time-lapse of yourself on a computer while you’re creating a marketing brochure for instance. This is far better than just taking a video of you saying “I am very good at creating marketing brochures”.

There are many ways to be creative in your video resume. If you can’t think of anything, check out the videos on point 2 for inspiration.

#6. Personalize your video resume

Personalization is a very VERY nice thing to do.

Tailoring your video resume to a single job application will surely give you a head start among the other candidates.

If you read my blog, you know that I love personalizing my CV and cover letters to every single job application, with the use of keywords.

But how do you tailor a video resume to a specific job description?

  1. Greeting the employer by name (if you know it)

  2. Mentioning the name of the company

  3. Mentioning the name of the job (ex: I’m applying for the position of xxx)

  4. Mentioning only past experiences and achievements relevant to the job application

By personalizing your video resume, you will automatically give the employer the idea that you are super interested in working for them, since you went though so much trouble just to apply for their job opening and it will make them feel special.

Personalizing every video resume can be hard, but if your are willing to put in the time needed, the results will be worth it.


Many more companies nowadays ask their applicants to submit a video resume with their job application, so it’s good to have one.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while creating your video resume.

First of all the video needs to shock the employer and catch their attention with a WOW factor, which can come from your past experiences, achievements or the way you use creativity to build your resume.

It is good to add a little subtle humor to your video, to keep the recruiter engaged and entertained.

Ultimately, your video resume should answer the fatal question ofwhy should you hire me?”.

Keep the video short, around 60 to 120 seconds, with 90 seconds being the sweet spot to avoid losing the recruiter’s attention.

Finally, personalizing the video resume to each single job application is also a very good idea, even though it requires a little bit more of your time.

I hope this article was helpful!

I know how hard the job hunting process can be - and it's not easy to cope with employer's rejections.

If you are feeling like you need a helping hand, I am here for you.

You can send me your CV, video resume and cover letter by email, and I will review it FOR FREE!

Just send an email to vebproduct@gmail.com and i'll get back to you with my modification in 24hours. IT'S COMPLETELY FREE, all I ask for is from you to share my blog!

Find more information here.

Good Luck!

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