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The Bible for your Job Interview Dress code

What you wear to an interview - both online or in person - could be the fine line between getting the job or not.

You might think this is crazy, and all it matters are your experiences and your motivation.


First impression is everything when it comes to a job interview.

Don’t believe me?

Statistics are here to back me up.

According to a study, 55% of interviewers say that interviewees respecting dress codes make great first impressions.

A survey by Forbes revealed that among the 95% of employers who took part in the research, personal appearance is a contributing factor when determining whether an applicant is suitable for the job.

So not so crazy after all!

If you are not sure what to wear to your job interview keep reading to find out how to create a perfect and lasting first impression.

You never go wrong with the classics

Whatever the job you are applying for, a suit never goes out of style! Whether you are a man or woman, suit is the answer and there is no way out of it.


The guys in the picture are doing it right.

Both of them are wearing a suit, the colors are coordinated, towards dark tones and they are both wearing white shirts and ties.

Most importantly, the suits appear clean and ironed!!

So let's see in details the DOs in the men section:

- Suit 💯

- Tie 💯

- White Shirt 💯

- Handkerchief 😑 not mandatory

- Suit shoes 💯

- Double-breasted suit 😑 not mandatory

And the DON'Ts:

- Anything else other than a suit 🚫🚫

- T shirt 🚫

- Flashy colors 🚫😱

- Jeans 🚫

- Ripped Jeans 🚫🚫🚫🚫😱😱😱

- Sneakers 🚫🚫

If you don't own a suit, you can find very nice ones even without spending your whole family savings!

Check out shops like Zara or H&M, they have a great selection for people on a budget.

And how about accessories?

For a men, it's always better to keep it simple when it comes to accessories.

At most, a watch and cufflinks, as long as they are sober and elegant and they don't take up too much attention.

Shoes: please guys, no sneakers.

It's not cool.

I don't care if your feet hurt, do you wanna try wearing high heels for the rest of your life?

So just stick to suit / dress shoes and you will be fine!

Just wearing a suit is not gonna be enough.

Ok I know you are thinking - what else???

Well, the perfect first impression comes from 1) Clothing and 2) Overall presentation.

What I mean with overall presentation is NOT how beautiful or attractive you are - is how professional you look.

In order to look professional, make sure you are doing this:

- Shave your beard

- Comb your hair

- Make sure that your face and hair look clean

- Iron your shirt and suit jacket (or better dry clean it)

- Tuck the shirt in your pants


What do women wear to a job interview?

Well, the truth is that women have more options than men - and the rules are not as strict as for the men side.

As long as it looks professional and clean, you are good to go!

For women, the choice is wider and can vary from a suit, to a dress, skirt etc...

Business formal dress for women can also include a proper, professional skirt and an equally nice blouse.

However, there are still a few points that have to be followed.

Lets see the DOs for the women department:

- Suit Jacket 💯 mandatory

- Shirt 💯

- Pants coordinated with jacket 💯

- Professional stiletto or flats (ex: ballerina) 💯

And the DON'Ts:

- Flashy colors 🚫

- Jeans 🚫

- Ripped Jeans 🚫🚫🚫🚫😱😱😱

- Sneakers 🚫🚫

And how about accessories?

Keep them to a MINIMUM.

Simple earrings - not big or flashy - a nice watch and small necklace or bracelets.

The same applies to make up: keep it clean and natural.

If you have long hair, collecting them in a bun or ponytail would be the best, but you can also leave them down, as long as they are clean and tidy.


Getting ready for a job interview starts by picking up your outfit.

It's not hard, however, it's vital.

Just keep it clean and focus on the classics and you will not go wrong.

If this article was not enough and you still have some doubts, comment below and I will answer your questions individually!

I know how hard the job hunting process can be - and it's not easy to cope with employer's rejections.

If you are feeling like you need a helping hand, I am here for you.

You can send me your CV and cover letter by email, and I will review it FOR FREE!

Just send an email to vebproduct@gmail.com and i'll get back to you with my modification in 24hours. IT'S COMPLETELY FREE, all I ask for is from you to share my blog!

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Good Luck!

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